Kimberly White-Geremia

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All American Woman 2009

Mrs. Connecticut American Queen 2008

Mrs. New England Earth 2008

All American Ms. Talent 2008

Mrs. Connecticut International 2007

Mrs. Atlantic Shores 2007

Ms. Massachusetts American United States 2003

Ms. Royal America 2001

America's Yankee Ms. 1999

Ms. Petite Connecticut International

Miss New England 1996

Ms. Petite Connecticut International

Miss Vinton Dogwood Festival America 1992

Miss Colonial Heights America 1991

Miss Sunburst of Richmond 1988-1989

Miss America Preliminaries and Placings

Other Pageants and Placings

Miss Virginia U.S.O. Troupe

Miss Connecticut U.S.O. Troupe

The Liberty Misses

The Glory Girls

The Glamour Girls

Acting and Other "Gigs"

Meeting Famous People


Musical Creations
Jeff Michaels
North Carolina

Miss America Organization

Couto Pageants - Queens of New England
Miss New England, America's Yankee Miss, Miss Royal America, Miss U.S. of America

Mrs. Atlantic Shores 2007 & Baby Delilah!
I'm ready...
W/Country Legend Ronnie McDowell
Singing with Ronnie McDowell
Miss Colonial Heights America 1991
Appearing on TV in Richmond, Virginia Parade
Singing for the Veterans for over 17 years!
Two Queens at nationals!
W/beautiful Sheila Strassburg at nationals after Top 10
Top 13 at Ms. Pet. Int'l. 1997
W/Ms. Pet. Canada, Renee Prusak at Ms. Pet. Int'l. 1997
W/Ms. Waterbury, Carrie & Christina Couto
W/Channel 8 Meteorologist, Geoff Fox & Ms. Waterbury, Carrie
1st Runner-Up & Talent Winner at Ms. U.S. of America!
Glamour Girls in Hartford Festival
Glamour Girls in 60's wear
Singing & Judging at Mrs. PA America
W/Mrs. PA America
America's Yankee Ms. 1999
W/America's Yankee Miss, Mary Mudry
In Morris Memorial Day Parade
After Singing at traveling Vietnam Veteran's Wall
4th Runner-Up at Mrs. CT America
Congrats from my favorite people - David & Delilah
Miss New England 1996
In Atlantic City at Miss America
W/Smithereens & Miss CT America 1996, Stacy Perrone-Petta
Top 13 at Ms. Pet. Int'l. 1995
Swimsuit photoshoot at Ms. Pet. Int'l. 1995
Singing in NYC Veterans Day Parade 2003
Singing in NYC Veterans Day Parade 2004
Before Singing on USS Intrepid 2004
The Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut
Yes, we made the paper!
Mr. & Mrs. Geremia
United States Of America Flag

God Bless America!
Hello and welcome to my website!
Virginia State FlagAll American Ms. Talent 2008Connecticut State Flag
Kimberly White-Geremia enjoying the waves at 
Myrtle Beach shortly after 
being crowned All American Ms. Talent 2008! Kimberly White-Geremia

I've been so blessed to have such a wonderful life! My singing, dancing and acting (along with pageantry, of course) opened up a world of possibilities for me! Actually, it's because of pageants that I even realized my full performance potential. After I became involved in the Miss Virginia America preliminaries, I was encouraged by many to sing. (My first talent was a comedy routine in which I imitated singers - because "I couldn't sing!") From there, my singing opened the door for me to become a part of the Miss Virginia U.S.O. Troupe. After that, I toured with Richmond Theatre Company; sang on the dinner riverboat the Annabel Lee and so much more!

I moved from my home state of Virginia to my new home in Connecticut and became a member of the Miss Connecticut U.S.O. Troupe and subsequently, earned an honorary position in The Liberty Misses. As a Liberty Miss, I was blessed to tour six times to over 15 countries performing for our Servicewomen and Servicemen. While at home, we performed for the Veterans and Veteran's organizations along the east coast.

In 2000, another Liberty Miss and I decided we still had a lot to give and formed The Glory Girls. We have been performing for our Veterans since then. I've also had the opportunity to be in a variety of theatrical productions here in Connecticut - including landing the lead of Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls."

It was also in 2000 that I met my wonderful husband, David and we were married in 2003. We had our first child, Delilah, in 2005. I still enjoy pageants to this day and thank my lucky stars for the doors that they opened! I am constantly updating, so feel free to keep checking back. (You know, it takes a loooong time to scan all those photos in!)

(P.S.: Everyone says that I'll probably be the oldest pageant queen/U.S.O. performer in the world! I think I'm okay with that!)

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